Stock Tanks  

For Trusted Installation & Construction Of Stock Tanks 

Stock Tanks are man-made water tanks most commonly used to provide drinking water for ranch animals. However, these crucial water sources go beyond just digging a hole. These tanks are often built with galvanized steel, and can be filled by either pumps, creeks, natural springs, or even rely on runoff water from rain or snow. 

With varying sizes, dam types, and other factors such as site location, and available water, each stock tank installation is custom built based on our customer’s needs. At Kelly Burt Dozer Inc, we understand the need for safe and dependable digging & site preparation. Our experienced team of contractors can help you asses your property prior to construction to decide where a stock tank would be the most beneficial. 

Factors to Keep in Mind

There are many issues that must be addressed before the process of installing a stock tank including: 

• The Topography of the Area
• Geology & Soil Type 
• Annual Rain Patterns & Available Watershed

While it’s best to incorporate the natural geography when deciding where to construct a stock tank, we can provide any additional services construction may require. Whether you need excess materials to supplement your soil, or large trees cleared out of the way, Kelly Burt Dozer Inc can help!

While adding a water source is invaluable for ranchers, & farmers, stock tanks can also offer aesthetic value to any property. With the proper planning, and the right team & equipment, a stock pond can be a great investment, providing years of additional outdoor activities for family enjoyment.

 When it comes to stock tank installation, let our experience work for you. Our team has the tools and the knowledge to answer any questions you may have. Call today! 
Stock tanks site preparation in Bryan, TX
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